Atxchick51244's Poems

I Wait

Neoblack Poem | Love Poem : I never shouldve kept waitingbut all i ever did was im sitting here. thinking its too late.i wish id’ve said somethingmaybe right now you wouldve been with mebut now all im thinking is. wat is wrong with me?what does she have that i dont. I swear i got more. but still she is the onein which

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Late night fights

Neoblack Poem | Ghetto Poem : Maybe tomorrow youll luv me moreMaybe tomorrow youll hug me moremaybe when im grown, nd on mii ownill hop n da car hit the gas nd im gonpain is love, he said dat enough i remember mii momma she had it tough i remember late nightsarguments nd fightsi remember the busted windshields nd broken rights.

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