Anonymoususer's Black Poems


Black Poem | Sex Poem : Oh......??? u doin me right U lickin me from the inside and u like it cause its tight U stick a finger in and u put another beside it And I?m turning u on because you see I?m so excited Now we switch positions and Its your turn now Baby I?m fixin to show u I know how I got yo eyes in the back of yo

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PlayBoy Bunny

Black Poem | Sensual Poem : Baby I love u And I know u love me to Now u leavin me for that BITCH!!! She can?t love u like I do So what If she got all that money I bet she don?t taste like honey She couldn?t be your playboy bunny But I can But go head, go out and enjoy She don?t love u like I love u she just want a toy But its

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Love or Lust

Black Poem | Sensual Poem : We call it love they call it lust But our option is the only one we can trust They just jealous because they don?t got a love like ours Or maybe because we can go on for hours Maybe the hate just to hate Or because the love we make But they say its sex not love were making We say yall jealous becaus

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