Akeema200's Black Poems

WHy Men do the things they do

Black Poem | Courage Poem : Why do men play little boys games? Why must they be the big AlphA Dog Why do they take our hearts and throw it away Why do we always fall for there weak ol' lines Why do we always take them back in when they go back and do the same thing Why can't we be all big and hard Why can't we make it rain on

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Feeling Better

Black Poem | Black Poem :   Feeling better because we finally spoke Feeling better because it rained and you held me in your arms Feeling better because we made love Feeling better because you called beautiful and said I was your queen Feeling better because I'm having your baby Feeling better because I know our love will la

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Trapped me

Black Poem | Broken Heart Poem :   Trapped me You introduced yourself, told me sweet words, gave me ideas of our future together. I fell for them thinking about how we can be. THen you turned and change I was suddenly not the one for you, you said you found someone new,  long conversations turned into silence. I told myself it coul

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