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myspace heartbreak

Black Poem | Break Up Poem : i scroll down and see my picture, i begin to smile then i see some other girl that i more than  recognize i see a teddy bear holdin an i miss you card on his comment block i fear the worst i don't want to keep scrollin but somethin won't let me stop i see winnie the pooh sayin i love you honey, i re

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don't tell me you love me

Black Poem | Love Poem : let me explain to you how i feel, you interruptin, let me finish i hold for you a place in my heart nothing is strong enough to diminish words underestimate the love i feel for you, i love you doesn't mean the same thing it use to i won't use i love you because the last time i heard that phrase my

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fuk me

Black Poem | Sex Poem : always an argument tonight you apologize your sillhouette so sexy, i'm wet down to my thighs i remember the fight we had but can't remember what it was about hard to stay mad at you, while you slowly turnin me out my eyes close slowly as you start lickin me all over concentratin hard now on what th

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what do you call us then??

Black Poem | Black Poem : i try not to fall for you but i love so intensely  try to measure how much i please you but i want you so immensley normally i'm not so easily drawn but to you i feel connected you hold and tell me you love me, the next day i feel rejected i can't help my bitter tears but crying's so unworth it the

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am i a mistress

Black Poem | Black Poem : never wanted to be second best but that's where i've been since i met you. it's pitiful i schedule my calls around your availability from 8 a.m to 2 want to hang up when they ask who's calling instead i say a friend keep trying to stop being in love with him wanting this madness to end is it okay to

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i'm not going to rhyme

Black Poem | Contemporary Poem : the sound of your voice is like scratching a chalk board, annoying and irritating. I?m not going to rhyme tonight. It?s five a.m. and I feel so worn out from the day to day combat that comes with getting you to be mine. I have this splitting headache; the sound of your voice is like scratching a cha

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