4Fr11c4n_S4ss11n3ss's Break Up Poems

Chemistry pt 2

Black Poem | Break Up Poem : I said I loveyou and that was true, but now Im no longer in love with you You tried to play me but I found out, Now I'll make your heart, mind, body, and soul all in doubt you believed my story, and tried to get me goin' Not in knowledge that i was knowin But look, while you was so busy tryin to pla

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do you

Black Poem | Break Up Poem : do you do you ever take the time to think of me? do you ever reminise about the good times? remember my kisses and hugs that were always oh so warm and long lasting  replay the sound of my voice in your head picture me in sexy lingerie think of me laying right next to you do you dou you still remem

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