3Vilpoet's Black Poems

Im sorry

Black Poem | Single Mom Poem : I know we've been through some hard times...All I can say is I'm sorry for that, I'll take the blame for everything. Im sorry that things wheren't picture perfect, but I was going through things I had no control over....And I wish, I   could turn back the hands of time, because what I know

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Black Poem | Courage Poem : Imma be real intimate with you... imma tell you what you want to hear, imma tell you the truth...I'm humble when I need to be... But when Im angrey I see nno boundries...Im no afraid to fight, but my words cut deeper then a knife.See, I've been pushed  to my limit too many times, no one ha

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Black Poem | Love Poem : He came to me like a thief in the night...stole my heart and was out of sight...Outta mind, left me alone like it was fine.I said one more time, and I'd murder him, took my anger out on my notebook. I hate lie-rs and thieves...Keep reading as I proceed.He told me he wasn't like everyone else, I gave

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The first time

Black Poem | Love Poem : Wondering how I can get you to talk to me...Remembering the past in my minds eye, You are like super nova to me. And I still regress to the past, the day I became your slave.Tempted by your words, hypnotize my curves, and I still remember the first time you kissed me.I am at your beck and call...Inf

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