1Poeticstud75212's Black Poems


Black Poem | Life Poem : They say blood is thicker than water, BUT... For some odd reason...sayin that gets me bothered. Especially when you are raised in a family like mine, Bad memories go back from since before I was nine. Mamma can’t walk no more because she numb waiste down, She so bitter with the world all she can do

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Black Poem | Sad Poem : Why do I miss her so much?? After all the painful drama she has put me through, I still love her, I still think about her, I still wonder if she’s ok. I can’t stand her right now because of the anger I have because of the way she did me. Nevertheless I crave deep down inside to just hear her voice,

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Sex Story 2

Black Poem | Sensual Poem : As I stick my tongue deep inside your universe, I orbit your milky way galaxy with my fingertips. The lavishing moans you give stronger than a gravitational pull..pulling me deep..deep

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Oh it rains today...

Black Poem | Love Poem : Rain, Oh It rains today,So cold all of a sudden,Darkness commands the sky, I tried, You tried, I never lied, To you at least,Just want these rain drops to ceaseSo humid, confusion invades the atmosphere,Don’t know which way is there nor here,I’d just fly away, but the rain will follow me,After the s

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I am not a man

General Poem | Black Poem : I am not a man....but the image I portray begs to differ... I am not a man....but I seem to chase women like one... I am not a man....but I dont show my emotions like one... I am not a man....but I seem to lie a lot like one.... I am not a man....but I seem to get caught up like one... Babygirl, I a

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