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I Feel

Ghetto Poem | Life Poem : I FeelKailyn Phelise Pryer I feel very depressed Hopeless and distressed.I walk around with my head downUsed to smile but now I frown.I

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Ghetto Poem | Life Poem : Why Kailyn Phelise PryerWhy does this world seem so cold?It

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I love Yooh!!!!

Ghetto Poem | Love Poem : Well thank you for being my friendI hope we will be together until the end I know we have had our differencesWe always found our way through I hear you always say ’I love you!’Deep down inside I feel it is true You brighten my day every time I see youThank you for bringing me joy, too I will always

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I Couldnt Thank God Enough

Ghetto Poem | Spiritual Poem : Thank you for waking me up each morningThank you for letting me see a brand new dayThank you for giving me joyYour joy is pure in everyway You are everything I needYou suffered for my sinsI’m just so sorry you had to bleed You love me so muchMore than anything on earthYou gave your only sonI know th

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