Naughty Poems


Black Poem | Naughty Poem : you want a relationship but it's something i can't do i'll be craving for his touch and that's really not cool this might make you mad but you can neva make me feel that way his hand goes between my legs and i can't find nothing to say instead i just close my eyes and bite down on my bottom lip whi

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A fantasy

Black Poem | Naughty Poem : As he slowly stroke my breast wit his hand I lift his face off my neck and tell him to do it again So he start to kiss and suck on one of my chest I told him to move over to the otha breast So he starts to go further and further down Then he looks up at me and of course he dosent see a frown As he s

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now that's the shit

Black Poem | Naughty Poem : loving every thing i see, making me want you deeply, finding understand of love, making me think more of trust  holding every peace  of you making me think more of you feeling every inch of you making me get weter too! feeling the cum drip off my thounge. putting you inside my pussy don't you like t

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Can you feel it

Black Poem | Naughty Poem : Can you feel it? The pure and undeniable extacy. That has taken over your inner being Me touching you, you caressing me Yeah I see. ummm humm I can feel it too No, dont stop thats may cause danger Dont agivate the beast in me Iv'e pleased you now i want to be pleased Dont fight the feeling thats mak

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The taste of Inspiration

Black Poem | Naughty Poem : I'm close to you although your far away forever feels like it's you...It's where I wanna stay you make me feel like i can be more,do more so I feel I am your destiny And even from miles away you tamed the beast that lies inside of me And baby the way you gently whisper in my ear the things you wanna

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A Naughty Little Poem

Neoblack Poem | Naughty Poem : She whispered ’will it hurt me?’’Of course not’ answered he’It’s a very simple process,You can rely on me.’She said ’I’m very frightened,I’ve not had this before.My friend has had it five timesAnd said it can be sore.’It was growing rather painfulTears formed in her eyesIt was hurting quite a bit no

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