Gaga Poems

The Art of Loving Suai Love Reality

Black Poem | Gaga Poem : C She was ahhhow do you say here in your country?Gone too soon A moon A great young earthNow what's the worth A father put to rest his oldest Earth and youngest earth Same year That Shit hurT!!!!!!!Y me oh Lord??????????But instantly as my tears fall The Sun DryI C clearly There is no mysteriesOnly

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Joy A General's Poem

Black Poem | Gaga Poem : Laugh Now Cry LaterAs i deify the white man's natureThe all in all in meThe slaves blood runs free and deeper than the roots of a treeOne part in the revolution I is EThe Infusion of God's movementFor every Jesus is a JudasFor this reason a stay congruent with the Most HighThe truth be the lightWhat

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G >

Black Poem | Gaga Poem : Pen meet paperPapper Scissor rocGod is the greaterRock over scissorMake you liver quiverLike Paper over RockSelf is the saviorI give thanks a lotFor the Creator within my layers and  even thanks to the mounds of haters that i lay cratersWho gives me strength to slay the nile's gatorsBuild a rig

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Fire in the Whole

Black Poem | Gaga Poem : Suckayou? Who could not touch me with a ten foot poleI got too much soul! From the folds of my foreheadTo my foot on the floorMyself Eye controlYou tried to play the roleThe wicked never know when to foldA wise man's Gold is KnowingOnly showing I feel the wind blowingNow which way you goingI know u

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