Father Poems

A Hopeless Dream.

Black Poem | Absent Father Poem : Sitting here in the dark wondering why everything seems so sad, dark and blue. Wondering if this is a dream or is it reality?  My mind is overwhelmed with so many thoughts. How's he doing? Does he ever think about me? Does he talk about me? I have so many questions running through my head. I’m

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Absent Father

Black Poem | Absent Father Poem : To an absent father this is your long forgotten daughter You were my world and I was Daddy's little girl, now I cry balled up in a curl How could you forget about me, your love was suppose to be deeper than ocean & wider than any sea There are no amount of words that I can say that can expla

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Fatherly Heartbreak

Black Poem | Absent Father Poem : You know, I made a decision to go ahead and allow you back in my life But the invitation  seems to have been ignored but that doesn’t come as a surprise   So what does that mean when you never decide to call me? I call and call and call you, I am your daughter, not a one night fling

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Why did you leave me ???

Black Poem | Absent Father Poem : Why did you leave me?Lonely and cold,Alone....By myself,Sitiing in the dark,.....Thinking....To myself what did I do,To deserve a broken home.Why did you leave me,So young,Still innocent,Not ready to face the pain,Of a broken heart.You left me,Not thinking of my future,But of your own,Was is worth i

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Black Poem | Father Poem : What's up Brandon aka Daddy's Lil' Boi Boi? You to me are what life is about, you are my pride and joy.  The things i went through just so that on christmas you could enjoy not just a couple that you wanted but every single toy.  You asked for it, i heard you loud and clear i ain't ignore it.  I flo

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Daddy why you leave

Black Poem | Absent Father Poem : Daddy why you leave why did you hurt me so you could have worked it out you didnt have to go pushed me away and closed the door causing pain in my heart that went straight to the core now im growing up angry,confused and hurt people see my vulnerability so i gotta be alert little boys putting things

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