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Apple Tree

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I visit this tree each and every day.
From the steams, to the fruit to the leaves.
Each part is a different part of her.
She blossoms in spurts.
Her leaves lost in the wind.
Hiding how ticklish she really is.
She keeps the best part of her high up on the branches.
Inspiring me to reach higher.
Knowing that arms reach wouldn't satisfy either of us.
Old pieces of her falling off to wither.Rot.
The parts of her that weren't ready to share.
I love every bit of it.
To sit and reconcile under the shade of her leafy dress.

Beautiful and strong.

We rustle ourselves in the comfort of each others company.

Taking our time to climb the ladder of branches.

I am always happy to see her.

Taking the seeds that she gives.

Planting them all around her.

Until we reveal everything there is, about ourselves.

In beautiful coincidence.

Taking our time to climb her beautiful branches

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