Erotic Poems

Deep Penetration

Erotic Poem | General Poem : Openlegs, closed eyes, sweat dripping on a rose pedal covered sheet.  Chocolate dipped strawberries, whipped creme, could never taste this sweet. Temperture rise, bodies tremble, seduction that will leave you with a sexual addiction.  From my slow grind, in and out, my smooth sexual frict

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Give this body release

Erotic Poem | General Poem : Allow it the joy and wonder of your touch, caress Does it not deserve as much Legs ache with longing to wrap around your waist Thighs dream of you softly laying a hand upon them Little nibbles on ears and neck Crying out for your touch, supple breasts Soft buds silently scream to be kiss

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The Valley Of Love

Erotic Poem | General Poem : I want to take you on a train ride through my valley of love Our love goes together like a hand and glove This love ride will be one that will leave you with a delicious memory It will send chills up and down your spine as you're touching me This train ride will have only a car for you and

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Seductive Nights

Erotic Poem | Seductive, Erotic, Sex Poem : I first scoped your ass intensity of gaze moved up your chest within, a subtle daze. My heart pulsated  as with rhythmic muse the jewels of your curves adrift satin water blue. Your pose, seductive measured with innocence womanly lust stance, hair of henna strands. I stare, resistle

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Orgasmic Spell

Erotic Poem | General Poem : I take my time and patiently I master each technique. So that the time we spend entwined, is erotically complete. I will not leave an unturned stone when taking time to please. My job is to exhaust, devour and bring you to your knees. To raise you up among the clouds, the universe below. A

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Stormy Morning

Black Poem | Erotic Love Poem : good morning lover it's time to wake up look what the new day brought a promise of rain a roar of thunder a flash of lightning a trembling that shakes us like an earthquake as we hold each other tight as love flows like magma we rock there together in the dawn's smoldering light h

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