Christian Poems

P.S I'm not doing better

Black Poem | Christian Poem : God I'm asking can you reassign my destiny with some one better Cause I don't know if I can do itFeels like it's been forever since the last time I read your love letterAnd since the last time I prayed for help Lord I'm not doing no betterFell almost a shame to come and talk to youI hope you miss me

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Black Poem | Christian Poem : MY CONCLUSION                             Habakkuk 3 verse 17- 19Question piling upon questions Contend space in my mind, all begging recognition Choking my hearts in toxic pains Yet! Answers,

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Black Poem | Christian Poem : SONS MANIFEST! In the beginning it was not so Now the earth groan and humanity moan Confusion rumble, all is berserk Limits is stretched, yet it unbreak In chains, cry many dreams Oppressi

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Black Poem | Christian Poem : ENDLESS!     End in itself is endless Diamonds life are forever Time in its essence is ageless Age in quintessence makes timeless Eternity span is countless Oceans gait, so limitless Ye

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Black Poem | Christian Poem : OUR GOD REIGNS Hour after hour, you reign Generation metamorphose generation In majesty, you hold sway Never given to slackness, Faithfulness is known your ways Good or vice, due measure y

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