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self love

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I stepped out the shower walked over to a corner looked over my shoulder and became mezmorized

Beautiful thighs eyes and hips

Lips enticing me with every lick

I moved she moved I

began to feel a warming sensation inside me that I could not fight

The wetness not only on my outsides but now on my insides aswell

I decided to act

Caressing her neck making circles around her nipples

I watch her part her thighs

I stroke her clit Real slow at first then I speed it up

Place one finger on the inside where juices are so warm a place so tight

Remove it place two fingers inside and one on the clit

I hear her moan and moan like a symphony

Its a joy to be pleased

Laying on her back I can still see her One hand grasping her tit the next hand caressing her clit

The friction creates an overwhelming joy in her

Naughty thoughts and sexual sensations

She removes her hand from her clit places two fingers inside her

Easy going then faster and faster Juices over flowing her eyes roll back Her legs tremble she cums she moans This is a masturbators story

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Black Poem | Bling, Music Poem : When they sing for the ?Bling,? And other material things, Little do they know, But it clearly shows, That their soul is gone, With each and every song, They put out, It?s so sad that they doubt, The precious journey of God?s route, Because on His road you have proper clout, Who can scout out, Any s

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