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Our wedding day.

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This is the day I change my last name

No more playing players game

You changed me into a better woman

Treated me like a queen

Showed me what true love mean

Now everybody dressed up and so clean

We spent like $30,000 on this day

Everything is going my way

Okay its finally time for us to leave to go on our honeymoon

We changed the game and our last name

I know you bitches jealous ,but thanks 4 the fame.

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Black Poem | Black Poem : I was was in those shoes, Being a young naive little girl, Thinking this was my world, Was feed bullsh!t lil by all type of n!ggas, Only wanting to mess with dope dealers, I thought I was the $hit, Until I learn being with different nigga's/ don't get you nothing but a bad name, I didn't need that t

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Black Poem | Love Poem : You make me laugh, You make me cry, But they are happy tears in my eyes, From all that I have been through / I never thought I would have found you, I've prayed all my days to meet a man that would treat me like a queen, God sent you/ My prayers was answered cause you always know what to do, Its ki

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Black Poem | Friendship Poem : If you f*ck with Kee, Then you f*ck with me, We thicker than thieves, Don't mind rollin up our sleeves, We ride or die chicks, And don't mind beating up a B!tch, My d0g , my round, my sidekick, Call eachother for anything cause we in this, When she down, I'm down , But we never leave eachother alway

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Black Poem | Ghetto Poem : Yeah b!tch I'm from the murder capitol of the world, It's Louisiana moth@???er, If you f*ck with me, I'll punch you in your d!cksucker, You saw that show K'ville, That's how it is you get murdered behind a dollar bill, So don't ??? with my click, I wouldn't ??? w/ your, But if you you do: I'll come

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This is what he's trying 2 transform me 2.

Black Poem | Black Poem : He want me to have a body like Beyonce, A face like Ashanti, A skin complexion like Halley Berry, A freaky side like Scary Sherry, Muscles like Chyna, Lips like Wanda, Be a prostitue flange like Trina, Have a ghetto side like momma Mia, All that combined I'll be a hell of a dime, But n!gga you wasti

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H3 L3ft M3 !

Black Poem | Funny Poem : Can you believe this n!gga left me, Now I gotta call Judy to be on court T.V., Because I took him in when he was living on the streets, I loan him 500 dollars to get his teeth fix, Loaned him 220 dollars to get his curcumsision on his dick, I also would like to add to my claim : him having bad s3x,

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Black Poem | Funny Poem : You called me hoe/ You called me a bitch/ But you ain't told them how you got a small @ss d!ck/ Telling people how I ain't nothing but a nappy head trick/ Did you tell them you licked this nappy head trick/ You uncircumsize small ween1e punk/ my son got a bigger thing then you and he only 1/ Always

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You need 2 check your baby momma

Black Poem | Baby Daddy Poem : I'm tired of men with children who don't put their baby mamma's in their place, It makes b!tches like me catch a case Calling with all kind of excuses, The h03 is starting 2 be a nuisance, I've been down this road before & ain't going down it no more, ! don't know how you and this heifer roll, But

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Hood Super Star

Black Poem | Pimp Poem : Mr. Big time dope dealer, the biggest pu$$y eater, Got old and young girls fool, Ride around in your clean whips, Let not forget they on 26's, You then had sex with the whole neighborhood, Now everyone of your victims , pissed off cause you den di*ked them. The whole town is in the clinic, full blo

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My Baby Daddy

Black Poem | Death Poem : I cry at night sometimes, keep questioning God why, You died in my arms, I think that's why I couldn't realize you was gone, It felt like we was only going to sleep together that night, Running outside after I heard the gunshots, Holding you in my arms for the last time, You closed your eyes in the

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I Party Hard!

Black Poem | Famous Poem : I wake up at like 2 in the evening, my life aint got a meaning, Stayed on Bourbon Street all night, all I do is live the street life, I rock the latest gear, a n***** or a b*** I never fear, The clubs don't never close where I stay, To get in I never got to pay, Walk in V.I.P with me, Just let the

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Our wedding day.

Black Poem | Wedding Poem : This is the day I change my last name No more playing players game You changed me into a better woman Treated me like a queen Showed me what true love mean Now everybody dressed up and so clean We spent like $30,000 on this day Everything is going my way Okay its finally time for us to leave to go

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Black Poem | African Poem : I've been a slave for so long my skin black and I know that Can't get a high rank in the world Unless I was Donald Trump's little girl I walk in the store and they follow me Checking me out from head to feet Following me around like I want to steal When the white girl got money and ain't gone buy ??

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Black Poem | Love Poem : "You" all I think about "lately", I cant get "enough" of  your loving "baby" The love we have is "irreplaceable" It's like I'm so "Hypontize" When I see you my temperature "rize" "Love'' is what I fell so "deep" in It's like you're my "best friend" , I want you around all the time.   We are the real

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I Want...

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Black Poem | Reflection Poem : looked to the blacks... But no one cared... Looked to the whites... No one was there... Didn't bother the others... Just foreigners to me... Doubted they could ever relate to my feelings... I don't roll my eyes enough... Or talk with a ghetto slang... I like seeing people make it... And loit

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Still My Baby

Black Poem | Mother Poem : Unexpected pregnancy... Fast forward... You were born... My baby girl, my daughter... PYT; pretty young thing... God blessed you as the angels sing... Now here you are... Growing up so fast... Still mommy's little baby... Smart girl with sass... Boy can you talk... Even talking back to me now...

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Thank You Daddy

Black Poem | Spiritual Poem : My Saviour.... My Deliverer.... The Strength of my soul.... Loves me unconditionally.... His love never gets old.... My Healer.... My Strong Tower.... With me even in the storms.... My Father, my Daddy.... Into His Family I've been born.... Thank You Jesus, thank You God.... The true Impact deep

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African-Centered Sexuality

Black Poem | Sex, Sexuality Poem : The African-centered community is steeped in sexual dysfunction.  For all of our efforts to rid ourselves of European cultural, social, and spiritual norms, we have denied our sexual growth by blanketing everything under the assumption that anything other than heterosexual vaginal/penal interco

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Emancipate Yourself

Black Poem | Slavery, Slaves Mentality Poem : Black people are desperate to wallow in self-destructive, unhealthy, dysfunctional behaviors.  We don’t want to grow, evolve, or transform ourselves.  We defend complacency and mediocrity.  We justify the things that keep us unenlightened and unintelligent as being inherent to our cul

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12 Million Mental Slaves

Black Poem | Slavery, Slaves Mentality Poem : In this nation, with its land stained with the blood of millions upon millions of innocents, we are completely backwards in our thinking.  Descendents of slave are ashamed of our past, embarrassed and humiliated because our forefathers and mothers labored like beasts under heavy chains.  S

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Let Me

Black Poem | Love Poem : Let me take you to a place where only your pleasure exists. Where your body melts like caramel with each chocolate-covered kiss. Let me take your body to a realm where your satisfaction is my daily delight. Where the presence of passion and the pain of ecstasy often take flight. Let me take your min

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I Want Her To Love Me

Black Poem | Love Poem : I want her to love me…like I love me…like God loves me…..I want her to dream of angels and erase their faces and trace mine in their places I need her to need me…… like fire needs oxygen……… I need love …….I need her to need me enough to put my needs in her prayers and carry them to God herself

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Hey Ma, how you doin?

Black Poem | Love Poem : Hey Ma how you doin?  I was wondering if you ever give a brother the, undeserved, privilege of just being near you, or maybe, out of fear you,  just push them aside like you been doing the pain? I know that the rain can hide teardrops but what about the tears that never fell, still capture

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How Am I Doing?! (A Woman's Reply)

Black Poem | Love Poem : How Am I Doing?! (A Woman's Reply)Thanks for asking and to tell you the truth,  I’ve been truly searching for some form of proof,  that an honest man is not a unicorn. Some mythical winged beast with hooves and horn,  but I’ve yet to find that kind of man exists,  so since yo

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Never Gets Old

Black Poem | Life Poem : Never gets old sleeping in her soul eases the insomnia am so into you Such the comfort zone in her Cant do no wrong this I see is clear Resting relaxing after a taxing day Sleeping in her soul never gets old this soul and heart of gold Always there for me why should I have it any oth

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Smoke Signals

Black Poem | Life Poem : Smoke signals rising from the hood The hood where only the bad make the news never the good Smoke signals rising from the hood rings of smoke spreading across the land Signals of police brutality blatant murders by police hand Getting away with it cause they feel they are The Man Smoke

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Wanting More

Black Poem | Desparate, Evil Souls Poem : When you are desperate for more, Pure souls of evil will lure and soar, To make you pay, Making you think you?re getting your way, When ~ while all they do is relay, The sweet things you want to hear, So that you can?t see clear, To steer away from them ~ Wheeling and dealing your mind, With the dev

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I'm Not Perfect

Black Poem | Life, Snakes, Maintain Poem : Far from perfect, Hate the LIES, Baby I feel your pain, and that?s why I cry, Fore as I clear the clouds, Please hear my cries that sing out aloud, As you feel my tears, Of me shedding off all my fears, Of all the hurt and pain, That will make me go completely insane, If I don?t le

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Black Poem | Bling, Music Poem : When they sing for the ?Bling,? And other material things, Little do they know, But it clearly shows, That their soul is gone, With each and every song, They put out, It?s so sad that they doubt, The precious journey of God?s route, Because on His road you have proper clout, Who can scout out, Any s

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Turned Out

Black Poem | Turned Out Poem : Everytime our eyes meet, I get weak and turn into a freak, from your erotic streak, While you light me on fire, I perspire all of your desires, When you touch and suck, I'm always abrupt to erupt, and when you lick me all around, My secret to downtown, I scream as I cream, the dream of

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U Never Know

Black Poem | Black Poem : One can never know when its that time She gave me chances so many All I did was all I ever do Many women think I'm handsome Only she knows my depth the love I have I broke n crushed her heart with each smile that passed by Never did I think until that moment when she left with no tears n h

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The Real Her

Black Poem | GQ Poem : Title: The (Real) Her Her eyes capture me ….like jail bars….hold innocent men… Her fingers must be touched by god….as with each stroke of her hand She redeems me…… and forgives me for both past….and future sins. I want to know her…the real her….where do I start ? How should I begin? &

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