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Number One

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you are my number one

you are the special thing in my life

you bring my spirits to a rise

you are my first love

now we've been together through thick and thin

adn now a rough patch can just make us throw it all away

so what you just gone leave now

oh so things dont go your way

and you just back out now

one tome

just one time in your life step up

be a man

now you sicken me everytime i hear your name

you and i were suspose to share what we made

but now i think i will go through with the procedure

now the day i proceed you choose to step up

well you caught me a little too late

whats done is done

and the love i used to have for you has flown from my heart

the love has turned to hate

so you've left this woman scorned

nothing can repair the damage you caused

you were my number one

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