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Just a dream

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She just got out of the shower nd smells of victoria secret's pear glace shower gel.

She enters her room wrapped in heer towel.

She drops it onto the floor as tiny beads of water drip from between her buxom breasts and down her beautiful back. She looks out the window and she sees it is pouring raining outside, making it dark in the middle of the day. She closes her red and gold curtains that match the sheets on her queen sized bed.

She continues to reach for her cocoa butter scented lotion and rubbed her whole body. Skin so soft and fresh now, she sprays her body splash on her entire body, filling the room with her sweet scent...

Wen suddenly, she hears a soft knock on her window. So she puts   her red satin robe on and looks out her window onlii to find the boy of her dreams outside. So she invited him in.

So he wouldnt catch a cold, she made him go into the bathroom to take off his soaked clothes.

He came out of the bathroom with a towel wrapped around his waist.

Damn! he had a sexy bodii! water dripping. beads of water trickling from his abs and down his cut arms.

he filled the room with the smell of his cologne.

He then slowly walked over to her, stood in front of her nd let his towel drop to the floor.Then he proceeded to slowly untie her robe.

He walked behind her and took her robe off her shoulders and onto the floor.

Then he started to slowly plant soft, wet kisses on her neck and shoulders.

He bit his lip in satisfaction as she moaned in anticipation.

Then he walked her to the other side of the room and slowly laid her on the bed.

He softly kissed her lips. And they both got under the covers.

As he lay on top of her, he looked into her eyes with filled with passion and said, "Baby, I love you." She said to him, "And you kno I love you too."

Then right as he was getting ready to begin, he said, "Wait." And he reached over to her night stand and grabbed a rubber. He grinned as he slided it on.

He seperated her thighs and kissed her between her breasts, on her stomach, and do down to her belly button.

Before she knew it, she was moaning in excitment as she felt his tongue at its works. Her juices flowing.......

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