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Can All Life's Love End Happily Ever After

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Can All Life’s Love End Happily Ever After


You caught my eye from the beginning and I never want the sight of you to fumble.

I believe that fate takes it’s course, in fact mine is pending….

I’ll wait here for you until my knees get weak and I start to stumble!

Give me that chance to be yours…

I promise that I will always love you!

Only you, you and nobody else, you and you alone…forever more!

I can say that I’ll give my all to you….and I can say that no one else can replace you.

Mesmerized by your touch, your kiss, the way you love me under the sheets.

I can’t get you out my thoughts, and everything you do…it consumes me.

The way you move, talk to me, your facial expressions when I……

Your needs, yes for you…I will satisfy!

And when you sneak up behind me…chills run threw my body!

I can’t hide my reaction to this beautiful sensation!

Blinded by the past heart aches…

Baby I’ll take care of you…devoted!

As it comes with respect!

As it comes with trust!

As it comes with love!

In all the reason that I’m in love with…you love me back!

First time I laid you down and first time I laid hands on you…you take my breath away!

I felt what you felt…I felt your desire!

Will you let me feel this way forever? This feeling of love?

I want, need, and I’m hoping this feeling stays!

As my love for you will stay unconditionally!

So, can all life’s love end happily ever after?




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