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All Out

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Time out on being
stressed out
Sometimes your alone
so you can find
yourself out
People in your life
grow out
Yeah I know you feel
left out
Nows the time for you to
stretch out
Leave the welcome mat at the door
but make em leave they
shoes out
Everybody needs to
cry out
Go on and let it
flow out
Look inside yourself pull the
strength out
It only takes one to
ride out
Throw your hands in the air
chill out
What comes around
goes out
First you standing tall
then you short out
Depending on another to
look out
Now you ass out
Give em all love but
back out
A heroes just a sandwich so
pig out
If you stay they wont
find out
Its a thin line
I'd rather peace out
Make my way to the honeycomb
hide out
Ease my mind get
smoked out
Have some drinks
get dug out
Catch some ZZzz before
check out
What ever it takes no
wipe outs
Days of gettin played are
played out
Unconditional love
fresh out
Had me by the throat
choked out
Now its cold out
best fly south
Wind beneath my pretty wings
they spread out
I'll be back when the
sun's out
On a good day I
sing out
To the Lord keep
shouting out
 Need him here to straighten
things out
In his hands he'll help us
all out

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1/17/2010 2:24:00 PM | John Baptist
Atlanta GA


1/16/2010 8:21:00 PM | earth

now that was peace enjoyed reading  that . i feel i need to step my game a little moore.

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