A Ray of Light

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Am I coming in clear?

Are you even listening?

You will not degrade me

Betray my trust

I have none in you

A waste of time that benefits no one

Blinding me with fictitious images of my oppression


I must digress

Give you common sense

A system that has failed me


Trying to take my will and make it diminish

This is finished

Everything I want done I have to do it on my own

No one can do it better than yourself

I'm finding my self worth

And it's all because of you

And the hell these laws put me through

Seeing the hypocrisy

Giving people who commit murder the death penalty

In my eyes it's the same thing

Only one you try to justify

What's the justice in taking a life

Sexual offenders still out on the street

Still sexually offending

Making the list of victims rise

And you wonder why?

I can't trust anyone around me

That's how bad it is

Fearing for my life, sanity, and will to live

The world offers us despair

But do you see that ray of light right there?

If you can, it means you can succeed

You can get past these scandalous things

That ray of light is the will to fight

The will to love

The will to become who we've dreamed of

Obtain that light

It's your battle to fight

The world can't hold you down.

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