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A Hand to guide me

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I think it is about time I throw the towel in

And let all this pain come to an end

because I sit in my bed crying my heart out

but no matter how I try I still can't find a way out

I know I'm gonna take a wrong turn on the lonely road

if I don't find a guiding hand to hold

I went wrong somehow trying to fix this mold

I know I'm carrying one hell of a heavy load

the sad thing is in 4 months I'm going to have this baby

and I know I won't make it the thought alone is driving me crazy

all I need right now is a hand to guide me

because without I just can't be who I was meant to be

my heart is crushed just so ???ing damaged

and nothing can heal it not even a bandage

I've officially made it to the very pit of hell

I need to release it, I need to scream or yell

yo I really need a hand to guide me cause all i'm doing is running around

the more time goes in the more I feel like I'm going down

My world is somewhere on the island behind bars

and the distance that was so close seems so far

I'm am truly terrified, scared, I can admit that I am afraid

 I thought for all my mistakes I already paid

I truly need someone to help me find my way

because without guidance I am sure to go astray


i know someone will understand sorry if it's too confusing

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